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Health Insurance 101

A comprehensive introduction to business opportunities within the individual health insurance market. Topics presented include: 

  • How the insurance marketplace works
  • The benefits of the Affordable Care Act (ACA)
  • Tax credits within the marketplace
  • How marketplace plans interact with Medicare 

Medicare 101

Covers an overview of the Medicare market and its basic elements that includes:

  • Demographic data that makes Medicare a compelling business opportunity
  • The details and costs of Medicare, Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplements and Part D plans
  • Enrollment periods 
  • Marketing tips

Marketing Throughout the Year

Lourie Life & Health provides our agent partners resources to enhance their marketing expertise: 

  • How to incorporate specific marketing techniques like grassroots & community-based marketing, educational events, T65 marketing, etc.
  • Guides to understanding the general enrollment period, open enrollment period, and special enrollment periods
  • Review specialized plans such as chronic needs special plans and when they may be a good option for clients
  • Updated compliance guidelines

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