At Lourie Life & Health, we pride ourselves on being an FMO that offers full-service training, which includes in-person workshops, on-demand webinars, weekly newsletter (Latest from Lourie), YouTube videos, producer calls, and a searchable resource library.

The Latest from Lourie

As an Agent Partner with Lourie Life & Health, you will receive weekly emails to help you stay up to date with the latest developments in the Medicare, Health and Life Insurance industries. The Latest from Lourie contains timely information regarding marketing resources, training reminders, important updates from the carriers, regulations and compliance.

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Lourie Partner Calls

Our senior leadership team hosts bi-weekly calls to discuss key topics. This allows us to quickly provide critical information to our agents. Recent calls have covered topics such as how to coordinate Medicare Plans with State and Federal insurance benefits, how Medicaid Redetermination will impact the individual ACA Health Insurance market, and how to conduct effective grassroots marketing. The calls allow for a question and answer period.

In-person Workshops

We offer in person training sessions regularly covering a wide variety of topics such as Medicare Basics, Marketing Tactics, Special Enrollment Periods, New Agent Training, AHIP certification, FFM certification and more!

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Our webinars are best-in-class! They are comprehensive and are available in real time as well as on demand for later reference. We provide updates on Medicare, ACA, Life and Indemnity Insurance as well as specific training for individual carrier products. We also provide training on our software and how to market. We provide the training you need to be successful!

The Agent Partner Hub

The Agent Partner Hub has all the resources you need to maximize your success. It is available 24/7 and contains a resource library, marketing request center, and events & webinars. This is the tool you will use for FAQs, contracting questions, appointment material guides, and maintaining compliance.

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“Teaming up with Lourie Life and Health has been a blessing to my career. The training that is given to you all year round is far over and above what I had expected. I went from an agent that was dying to be successful but was lost as to how to get there, to an agent that is focused, trained, and ready to conduct business.”

Andrea L.

Johnson City, Tennessee

Interested in becoming an Agent Partner?

We are looking to build partnerships with insurance professionals who will always put the needs of their clients first. If you want to grow your business while helping those in your community, then we are interested in YOU!

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